My name is Pachito Marco Calabrese. I'm a telecommunication engineer with the passion for mixing web and embedded systems. In my spear time I write opensource code and I'm currently working for a startup called Bolighed, in Copenhagen.

01. Experience

Senior Frontend Engineer, bolighed.dk

In Bolighed I cover the role of lead frontend engineer. I have mainly worked on “the business manager”, which is an analytics tools for banks and real estators.

The FE stack is Angular 4 with Typescript and Bulma, the backend uses Django and Postgres DB

I’ve also being involved in designing the APIs and provide concrete feedbacks for scaling the application up, and improve performance.

Recently I was involved in prototyping a brand new peroformant frontend, which now is powering www.bolgihed.dk.

Senior Frontend Engineer, www.simplesite.com

In Simplesite i was responsible of engineering, development and testing SimpleSite next-generation webapp builder which serves 6 millions users.

The app is developed with modern standards and is based on the stack AngularJS 1.5 with Typescript and Foundation 5 for apps.

Being the frontend team leader, I had to coordinate developers designers and engineers to work efficiently together. I coached other developers about workflows, new technologies and dev tools like GIT, Gulp.js.Being part of the Growth Hacker team I was also involved in intense A/B testing and customer behaviour data analysis.

Frontend Engineer NOCOPO A/S, www.comparo.dk

Being the only frontend developer i developed the entire frontend from scratch in AngularJS and Bootstrap, I wrote code for automated tasks using GulpJS and NodeJS.

I've also procative contributed in designing the API in collaboration with the backend developers.

02. Education

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Research & Scientific paper “Orthogonal Phase Quadratures Conversion to Different Wavelengths Through Phase-Sensitive Four Wave Mixing in an Highly Nonlinear Fiber”

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

MSc in Telecommunication Engineering - Optical Networks

Politecnico di Bari

BSc in Telecommunication Engineering

03. Projects

WebBluetooth research

Personal project

I wanted to have a deep look how WebBluetooth worked. So I used a NRF52 SoC and the ARM mbed platform to create a bluetooth enabled device able to communicate with the browser (Google Chrome). I presented my research during in London at CodeNode, the video od the presentation in the link



Personal project

Criptio is a OSX app for encrypt and decrypt files. It uses the crypto core module of Node.js. Is currently available only on mac. Criptio is build with Electron from GitHub.



Personal project

IOON it’s a smart dashboard for the IoT (Internet of Things). It can record and visualize data coming from any sensors with HTTP or MQTT protocols. IOON as customizable dashboard and add virtual streams. IOON is build in Anuglar 1 and Node.js

IOON - Dashboard for the IoT from Pachito Marco Calabrese on Vimeo.


Elettronica Professional

The EVR is data logger based on a micro Linux PC able to record up to 24 digital input. Data are stored both on disk and SD card and sent remote with MQTT protocol. The data are visualized on web interface which can be accessed both from local (USB) or from remote (Ethernet).

ERv4 from Pachito Marco Calabrese on Vimeo.

Smart Air

Personal Project

Smart Air it’s an IoT platform for gather air quality data. We have developed firmware for Arduino, Launchpad from Texas Instrument (based on TI CC430 SoC) and BeagleBone Black This IoT smartcity project has won a boot at the Innovation Festival in Bari and was recognized in the top 20 from CBS Idea Awards in Copenhagen among over 250 other projects.

Real time FPGA image edge detector


Firmware development for contactless payment systems based on the RFID, similar to Oyster London transport system.

Politecnico di Bari